GOD Token: Report On 1st Epoch Progress

Token Progress:

Holders 15th April 2021–166

Holders 21st April 2021–205

Token Price ZIL 15th April 2021–0.00022 ZIL

Token Price ZIL 21st April 2021–0.00131 ZIL

Reward Program Address: zil1grmteqy92jtxuf6v8mwvq3dclm54csggnsqmr5

Received Tokens: 8 744 000 from 15 Senders

Valid Tokens: 7 244 000 from 13 Senders

Shared this way:

20% GOD Tokens For Liquidity

80% GOD Tokens 2nd Reward Pool

ZWAP Reimbursement and Rewards (10%) distribution:

Exchange rate per 100 000 tokens — 0.043

Distributed ZWAP Ttokens — 3.426 (2 072 USD)

YOU GOT THIS! Participate in 2nd Reward Epoch — Take your FREE ZWAP!

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